Founded in 2014 by Khanya Matlala, a certified InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach and Business Soft Skills Trainer with 12+ years experience, we have successfully partnered with individuals, parents, teachers, educational institutions, youth organisations and employers to inspire teens, young adults and young managers to become driven, self-motivated achievers, who are hungry for a successful work future.

Through our speaking, coaching and training services, our team of certified coaches and professional mentors guide young adults through the different stages of personal and career development, with the goal of transforming them from matric learners to successful earners.

We take the overwhelming choices, insurmountable odds, confusion, and even feelings of hopelessness, which so many young adults face on their journeys, and offer practical steps to an achievable and fulfilling career instead.

Operational since May, 2014

50% Black Women Ownership (Level 1 contributor to B-BBEE)

Licensed InnerLifeSkills®, ICF Accredited, Coach Training Provider

Growing network of 10+ youth speakers, coaches, facilitators and professional industry mentors


Because we understand that although career destinations may look the same for everyone, the journey needs to be designed for the individual, giving special consideration to their upbringing, resources they have available to them, and their lifestyle values.

We combine training with coaching to promote retention of learning and support clients with meeting daily challenges.
We build a relationship with our clients first: We want to know who our clients are before we design a training or coaching solution for them.
Coaching via Telephone or Skype means clients can get coaching wherever they want it.
Only use professionally trained and certified Coaches. Our Career Mentors are all established professionals in their respective industries.
We don’t rely on theory and tests. Instead we take a practical approach to closing career knowledge gaps, by teaching clients how to get accurate and meaningful career information “from the horses’ mouth”.
We provide continuous follow-up, encouragement, and support to all our clients.
Provide free self-help career development tools and resources on our website.
50% black women ownership (Level 1 contributor to B-BBEE)

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