Coaching FAQ’s

Life and Career Coaching is a personal and professional development programme designed to support, encourage, and challenge you to create and achieve inspiring goals.

Life and career coaching empowers young adults by giving them tools that will help them successfully transition from school into the real working world. These tools will inspire and encourage them to become driven, self-motivated achievers, who are hungry for a successful work future.

Coaching is not for everyone. It works best with people who are aware that they are facing a difficult challenge, and are open to getting help from a professional to see them through it. If you believe that your young adult is generally ok, but needs a BOOST to help them be more and do more with their lives, then Coaching is the best way to get that help for them.

You might not be aware of this, but most young adults tend to not want coaching because they don’t trust the “why?” behind your suggestion. If you make a big deal out of it and put pressure on them, they’ll resist even more. Chat to us to get creative ways you can start to introduce the idea of working with a Coach to them.

Every coaching session is different and designed to fit the needs of the individual. In general, young adults can expect to participate in a conversation and simple activities that help to strengthen their self-esteem, confidence, communication skills and overcome any fears they may have about their current circumstances and future.

Average time for a single session is 45 to 60 minutes. First session may take up to 90mins, especially for clients who have never worked with a professional Coach before.

The amount of coaching sessions needed depends on the size of the goal and the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve it. Most clients sail through goal setting and planning, but often experience set-backs and need more support to overcome any fears or obstacles that interfere with their progress. You will experience the emotional benefits of working with a Coach from your first session, but it may take six to twelve sessions to see impressive changes.

To get the best value out of Coaching, young adults need to believe that they can achieve the results they want. Coaches will work through their beliefs with them, but we need you to offer support whenever you’re around them. Don’t hover, but keep communication open and non-judgmental. Show them that you are interested in what they are doing, keep a positive attitude, try not to overload them with more responsibilities and offer positive feedback when it’s appropriate.

• Over the phone
• Via Skype
• Face to face

Bookings for face to face coaching – Monday to Friday (07h00 to 16h00).
Telephonic / Online coaching – flexible and will depend on the availability of the Coach.

Sessions may take place weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The frequency depends on the individual. We recommend bi-weekly sessions as those tend to work better for the majority of our clients.

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