The Youth Career Builder is a career education and coaching company created to help young adults discover their purpose, make confident career choices, and develop essential employability skills for a successful work future.

We offer speaking, coaching and training services that chart the simple steps young adults need to be taking to become polished performers in the real working world.

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Who Do We Serve?

Young Adults, Parents, Employers, Educational Institutions & Youth Organisations

Young Adults

Working with a coach can help you clear your mind, reduce your anxiety, develop your confidence, find a path that matches your interests, and develop skills that will make you irresistible to existing and potential employers.


Give your child the gift of clarity and the support of an experienced coach and mentor who will help them figure out who they are, and what they want to do with their lives.

Educational Institutions & Youth Organisations

We can support your existing life and career skills development programmes through our speaking and ongoing coaching services,ensuring your students leave your institution with tools to help them successfully navigate a highly competitive job market.


Do you want to turn the young adults in your Company into driven, self-motivated achievers? Then let our certified coaches and experienced facilitators develop their employability skills so they can make a meaningful contribution in any role they take on.

Services We Offer


  • Discover your purpose. Build your dream career
  • 21st Century Employability Skills
  • Adulting Fundamentals
  • The Power of Action
  • How to coach your child for career success
  • Coaching conversations for Leaders
  • High School: Subject and career choices

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  • Individual coaching: for personal and career growth
  • Student coaching: better student, better results
  • Employee on boarding coaching
  • Employee coaching: empowered to contribute effectively
  • Transition Coaching: tools and support for the overwhelmed
  • Group/Team coaching: learning to work well together
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    Public and In-house Workshops

  • 21st Century Employability Skills
  • ILS® Apple Tree Empower
  • ILS® Master Communicator
  • ILS® Coach 101 for Leaders and Managers
  • ILS® Coach Qualification

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    Youth Career Builder Benefits

    Working with our coaches and getting the latest information from our professional industry mentors, will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals and build your dream career.

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    Identify your values, key strengths, interests and priorities that will determine the best path for you.

    Career Planning

    Set realistic goals and develop clear, actionable steps to keep you moving forward.

    Learn 21st Century Employability Skills

    Overcome the fear of rejection and learn the skills you need to make yourself irresistible to potential employers and position yourself for success.

    Enhance Employee Performance

    Help your employees develop “softer” business skills that will help them continuously add value to their teams and your customers.

    Practical tools

    We go beyond the coaching conversation to give you practical tools, templates and resources to support you on our journey.


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    Coaching To Build Your Dream Career

    Do you want to inspire your young adults to be self-motivated and driven for success?

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