Our training solutions help young adults manage their careers better and develop essential skills for a successful work future. We also offer coaching skills training for Leaders and Managers who want to empower and develop the young adults in their teams.

21st Century Employability Skills

A 4 day workshop to train ambitious but inexperienced Graduates / Interns / Learners on the Top 21 employability skills they need to develop, to make a smooth transition from school into the real working world.

This workshop aims to:

Teach skills that bridge the gap between tertiary and the workplace

Introduce interns to company culture, policies and procedures

Provide interns with practical tools to develop their intra and interpersonal skills

Introduce interns to performance targets they need to achieve

ILS® Apple Tree Empower

A 2 day personal empowerment workshop where young adults will find out why they are motivated by different things and learn how to understand, accept and inspire themselves (and others) to "Be all they were born to be!"

Young adults will learn how to:

Live a life of confidence, passion and purpose

Discover and appreciate the value of their natural gifts

Manage their habits, patterns of thought and emotions

Build strong and meaningful relationships

How to motivate, inspire and lead themselves (and others) using the gifts of their personality type(s).

ILS® Master Communication Skills

This two day workshop teaches your young adult employees how to master the art of communicating professionally in the workplace.

Employees who attend will learn:

How to build powerful rapport

How to listen actively and overcome barriers to listening

How to communicate their ideas effectively

How to manage their feelings and responses to keep communication strong and solutions-focused

How to use communication skills to build healthy relationships with every person they come into contact with (i.e. networking skills)

How to communicate as a future leader

ILS® Coach 101 (For Leaders and Managers)

A 2 day Introduction to Coaching workshop that gives managers a proven 3 step coaching method and 3 critical communication skills to start having effective coaching conversations with their employees.

Leaders and Managers who attend will learn:

How to help individuals or teams set and achieve inspiring goals

Two ways to keep employees focused and on track with their actions

How to transform problems into solutions

How to change negative conversations into positive ones

How to help their employees help themselves

Specific coaching questions to spark and sustain action

Coaching To Build Your Dream Career

Do you want to inspire your young adults to be self-motivated and driven for success?

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